First steps

Welcome to Outer-Core, a great space based MMPRPG.

You start with one Colony Ships, to be used to create your first two bases on any empty astro. You can visit the Maps and pick one Planet, Moon or Asteroid.

You also get 1 Corvette to protect your Colony Ship, and 1 Scout for you scan the regions to find your desired astros.

You can move your fleet through Fleets page.

We recommend that you pick a moon, with good metal, fertility and solar. You will understand why with time and practice. Check on Help link, Terrains tab to know all about the astros.

After you colonize your bases, build a few Metal Refineries, to improve your construction capacity. Build a Research Lab so you can start researching, and build a Shipyard to produce your ships.

Have fun, and contact us if you have any doubt.

The Outer-Core Team

Moving fleet

To move a fleet, you have 2 choices

  • After you decide where to send it, by the destination astro, you have a link Move fleet here. Just click it, a list will open, pick the fleet you want to move, and click Move button *

  • You copy the astro coordinate (i.e. A00.55.55.20) that you want to send your fleet, go to the Fleets page, click on the Move link next to the fleet, paste the astro coordinate on the Destination field, and click the Move button

    * The first option is available to Premium account only.

    Improving a base

    Ok, I built my first base. Now what?

    Click on the Empire link, you will see your new base. Click on the Construction ( 0 ) link.

    It will take you to the Construction page for the selected base. There you can build all kind of avaiable structures, like Solar plant, gas plant, metal refineries, shipyards, etc. Check Help page on Structures for more details.

    Each structure give you a benefit, like more construction point, production point, research point. And power, area, population.

    You will need defense as well, click on Defense link next to Structures link. Only defense will protect your base to get occupied.

    If you have shipyard, you can build ships. Level 1 allow you to build Fighters. Oh, check Techologies and Ships help page to see what tech is required to each ship, Fighters need Laser and Armour level 1.

    Spliting a fleet

    To move part of a fleet, you need to split it.

    First you click on your desired fleet that have the ships you want to move.

    On the fleet page, you will notice several tabs, click on Split.

    You need to type the new fleet name, as by splitting you will divide your fleet in two.

    Type the numbers next to each ship type you want, if you have 100 corvettes and want to move 10, inform the number.

    The block on the right side will calculate how much marine and hangar space you will have on your new fleet, so you can split with those types to send it to where you want.

    Are you done? Click the button Smile