Outer-core chat

We now have a Chat built in our forums

See you there Wink

site address change

Attention all

Outer-core beta server will be relocated to this address:

Please update your bookmarks and start using the new address today.

The main site will be used as the game portal, to show servers info, updates, docs, etc.

argos universe is hot!

The first official server opened at 2009-08-02

Go create your account now and have fun

2 new commanders

2 new commanders available

Minister/Secretary of War and Minister/Secretary of Defense

The first one will increase your fleet attack power in 1% per level, the second one will affect the armour.

Ministers affects any fleet everywhere, Secretaries affects the fleet on orbit your base where the secretary is assigned and active.

New commander: Infrastructure

The Commander of Industry no longer benefits both Production and Construction

Now there is a new Commander of Infrastructure, to deal with Construction

The old commander of industry now benefits Production only

Moving all ship type to one location

Its available to Premium Account the ability to move all your ships of one type to the same coord.

The page to do that is Fleets - Units

New coupon system

A new coupon system started to be used a few days ago.

In the next 24 hours it will be addapted to grant 2 days premium coupon to those users that reach level 10, 20 and 30.

It will be retroactive, so don't worry if you already past level 30 Wink

Later, fun objectives will grant the same coupon, in example if you kill a huge fleet with X ratio, or succeed to occupy a though BORC base, double your fleet in X days, etc.

Coupons to Alliance Leader may be given if the alliance also beat an objective.

If you like this, send me your objective ideas. It can be thru this page comments, or by PM me.

Feijó Grade
OC admin

xp points to commanders

You can now use your xp to upgrade commanders

Latests fixes and news

last fixes

- fleet recall, if you recall a fleet twice, the time to land was reduced significantly, causing it to practically reach the destination instantaneously (too bad you didn't knew about that bug, right?)

- if you cancel a ship production, the time to finish the next ones on queue wasn't been reduced with the time of the canceled one.

- 30 days inactive players wasn't been inactivated, nor their bases & fleets turned over to [iCORE] BORC

What will be done in the next few days

- The repair will be modified, from % per repair turn (every 5 minutes) to credits per turn.
- New tech type Automated Repair will increase your credits per turn ability
- New Repair ship will increase your fleets repair per turn
the numbers will be revealed when the new system become active

New attack code

A totally revised attack code was released

It take in better consideration the ships shields and armour. The results are more unpredictable.

Please test and report your findings in the Forum Smile

Attack to bases defenses aren't finished/released yet.

And a new resource to the attacks, now you can select what ship type to use on an attack, so no need to Split it anymore Wink

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